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A4 table of socio-economic objectives

Exploration and exploitation of the earth
Production from and exploitation of the sea (excluding living resources)
Other programmes exploring and exploiting the earth (including hydrology and mineral prospecting)
Exploration and exploitation of space
Infrastructure, construction, civil engineering and town and country planning
Monitoring and protecting the global environment
Monitoring and protecting the atmosphere and climate
Other measures for monitoring and protecting the environment
Production, distribution and rational use of energy
Agricultural production and technology (production and exploitation of living resources, including marine resources
Industrial production and technology
Communication industries (telecommunications, electronics, computers, software)
Ground and water transportation industries
Air transportation industries
Other systems and technologies used in mining and manufacturing, including activities relating to the production of agri-food products
Protecting and improving health
Retail of goods and services (excluding medicine, health and education)
Life in society and social development (including education)
Development (research
carried out with the aim of advancing development)
Global security
Defence and defence strategies; science, technologies and economies relating to the arms trade
Domestic security, Civil security, Economic security
General advancement of knowledge
Mathematics and computer science (programming only)
Physical science
Engineering sciences (automatic, electronic engineering, electrotechnology, computer science, optics)
Other engineering sciences (mechanical engineering, process engineering, materials engineering, civil, thermal and energy systems engineering)
Natural environments (earth, sea, atmosphere, space)
Life sciences (agronomic and food science, biology and medical sciences)
Social sciences (geography, environmental planning, economics and management, law and political science, sociology, demography, ethnology, anthropology)
Human sciences (philosophy, psychology, history, archaeology, literature, linguistics, arts)


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